Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation

Vestal, NY


About Our Parish

The Sacrament of Holy Confession may be scheduled by appointment by contacting Fr. Michael.

STEWARDSHIP is an important part of our Orthodox Christian Faith. Every member of the Church is expected to contribute and fulfill their financial responsibility to the Church. A minimum pledge of $400.00 per annum is expected for a family (i.e. a husband and a wife, or father, mother, and children).

A minimum pledge of $200.00 per annum is expected of a single adult. If a single adult has one or more children, he or she is expected to contribute the family rate of $400.00 per annum. Individuals with financial hardship, who can not pay the minimum expected stewardship, are urged to speak to the parish priest, Fr. Michael.

Sacraments, such as Holy Baptism and Holy Matrimony, are performed by the parish priest for parishioners who are in good financial stewardship standing. Parishioners must complete a form requesting the sacrament be performed. All dates are to be approved by the Parish Priest. The Parish Priest, as the Bishop's representative, is the supreme convening authority as to whether a sacrament is performed for an individual. The priest will direct an individual to provide a note from the parish council president or vice-president confirming that they are in good stewardship standing before the sacrament is scheduled.

Religious and Faith- based organizations fall under the leadership, mentorship, and guidance of the Parish Priest (Fr. Michael):

Principal of the Greek School....Rev. Dr. Michael Bahlatzis

Childrens' Greek School...directed by Giannoula Alikakos

Adult Greek School....directed by Athena Papathomas

JOY/HOPE...directed by Presbytera Kimberly Bahlatzis

Sunday School....superintendant Linda Ivan

Choir (Adult and Childrens')....directed by Jeanet Hazar

Chanters....Niko Papachristou, Protopsalti Emeritus

Greek Dancers.... Steve Yacalis

Altar boys....Vasilios Yacalis, Ecclesiarchos

Sunday Bulletin....Rev. Dr. Michael Bahlatzis

Prosforo Bakers....Catelina Gianakouris

Bible Study Group....Rev. Dr. Michael Bahlatzis

Mr. & Mrs. Club.......Rev. Dr. Michael Bahlatzis

Senior Citizen Club....Rev. Dr. Michael Bahlatzis

Sunshine Group....Rev. Dr. Michael Bahlatzis or his designee'