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Welcome to the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation Website

"Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God." - Romans 15:7

Welcome to the website for the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church. We pray that this web page becomes a useful tool in your spiritual life, fostering and nurturing a prayerful existence within the Lord's Holy Vineyard.  Read More »

The Sacrament of Holy Confession may be scheduled by appointment by contacting Fr. Michael.

STEWARDSHIP is an important part of our Orthodox Christian Faith. Every member of the Church is expected to contribute and fulfill their financial responsibility to the Church. A minimum pledge of $400.00 per annum is expected for a family (i.e. a husband and a wife, or father, mother, and children).

A minimum pledge of $200.00 per annum is expected of a single adult. If a single adult has one or more children, he or she is expected to contribute the family rate of $400.00 per annum. Individuals with financial hardship, who can not pay the minimum expected stewardship, are urged to speak to the parish priest, Fr. Michael.

Sacraments, such as Holy Baptism and Holy Matrimony, are performed by the parish priest for parishioners who are in good financial stewardship standing. Parishioners must complete a form requesting the sacrament be performed. All dates are to be approved by the Parish Priest. The Parish Priest, as the Bishop's representative, is the supreme convening authority as to whether a sacrament is performed for an individual. The priest will direct an individual to provide a note from the parish council president or vice-president confirming that they are in good stewardship standing before the sacrament is scheduled.

Services Schedule

Sunday Services:

Orthros: 8:45 AM (September - May)   8:30 AM (June - August)

Divine Liturgy: 9:45 AM (September - May)  9:30 AM (June - August)

Holy Week Schedule for the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation for 2015

Presiding Priest/Proistamenos: Rev. Dr. Michael Bahlatzis

Saturday of Lazarus, April 4th: Orthros 9 AM  Divine Liturgy 10 AM
(There will be a children's breakfast served following the Liturgy and this will be followed by the making of crosses from palms afterwards) 

Palm Sunday, April 5th: Orthros 8:45 AM  Divine Liturgy 9:45 AM
Palm Sunday evening, April 5th: Service of the Nymphios/
Bridegroom matins 
Palm Sunday evening 6:30 PM (Annunciation Church) 

Holy Monday, April 6th: Service of the Bridegroom - Matins 7:30 PM (Annunciation Church)

Holy Tuesday, April 7th: Service of the Bridegroom - Matins and Hymn of Kassiani 7:00 PM
(Annunciation Church) 

Holy Wednesday morning, April 8th: Pre-Sanctified Liturgy 9 AM
(Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Binghamton)

Holy Wednesday evening, April 8th: Service of the Sacrament of Holy Unction 7:00 PM (Annunciation Church)
3:00 PM (Holy Trinity Church, Binghamton)

Holy Thursday morning, April 9th: Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil the Great - 9:00 AM (Annunciation Church)
(Liturgy is held at this early hour in order to allow those who work to attend and receive Holy Communion before going to work).

Holy Thursday evening, April 9th: Service of the Holy Passions of our Lord and the 12 Gospels - 6:30 PM (Annunciation Church) 

Holy Friday morning, April 10th: Service of the Royal Hours - 9:30 AM (Annunciation Church) 

(All are invited to assist in the flower decoration of the Epitaphios at the conclusion of this service. Fr. Michael will provide written excuses for school absences for those children who spend the day at the church. Camp Annunciation Holy Friday Program begins with decorating the Epitaphios followed by a light Lenten lunch at 12 noon. All are encouraged to bring and share a dish to pass that conforms with the fast of Holy Friday). A JOY/HOPE meeting will be at 1 PM. All adults and children are invited to attend.  

Holy Friday afternoon, April 10th: Service of Great Vespers of the Apokathelosis (The un-nailing of our Lord from the cross)
3 PM (Annunciation Church) 

Holy Friday evening, April 10th: Service of the Lamentations -
Matins 6:30 PM (Annunciation Church)

Holy Saturday morning, April 11th: Vesperal Liturgy of St. Basil the Great (The First Resurrection of our Lord raising Adam and Eve from the dead)
10 AM (Annunciation Church)

Holy Saturday night, April 11th/12th: Matins of the Pascha 11:00 PM (Annunciation Church)

'O Come and Receive Ye the Light...'11:45 PM 
Reading of the Gospel of the Resurrection of our Lord
12 AM midnight 
followed by the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom 

Easter Sunday (Pascha), April 12th: Vespers service of Agape (Annunciation Church) (The Gospel will be read in multiple languages. Please see
Fr. Michael if you are interested in reading the Gospel in ANY other language besides Greek and English) 11 AM